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Unemployment in Gaza reaches almost 80% amid the war between Hamas and Israel

Unemployment in the Gaza Strip has reached almost 80% since the war with Israel broke out last October, the United Nations labor agency reported this Friday (7). Average unemployment in the Palestinian territories reached more than 50%.

Unemployment in the Gaza Strip reached 79.1%, while the West Bank saw unemployment reach almost 32%, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said in its fourth assessment of the war’s impact on employment.

“This excludes Palestinians who have given up on finding jobs,” said Ruba Jaradat, ILO regional director for the Arab States. “The situation is much worse.”

Israel’s ground and air campaign in Gaza came in response to Hamas’ attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7, killing about 1,200 people and taking another 253 hostage, according to Israeli records.

The Israeli offensive killed more than 36,500 people, according to health authorities in the Gaza Strip, where about half of its 2.3 million inhabitants lived below the poverty line even before the war.

“Imagine that with this high level of unemployment, people will not be able to guarantee food for themselves and their families,” said Jaradat.

“This is also affecting their health… Even for those who have money, there are no hospitals that can accommodate the catastrophic situation that exists there.”

In terms of the economy, real gross domestic product (GDP) has contracted by almost 33% in the Palestinian territories since the start of the war, with an estimated contraction of 83.5% in the Gaza Strip and 22.7% in the West Bank, according to data published by the ILO.

“In the occupied Palestinian territory and particularly in the West Bank, reduced incomes have pushed many families into extreme poverty,” Jaradat said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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