Unemployment is the main economic concern of Brazilians, says research

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Unemployment became the main concern of Brazilians in December, taking into account only economic factors, according to the Genial/Quaest survey, released this Wednesday (8).

Until November, the country’s biggest economic problem in people’s perception was low growth, with 23% of people evaluating this aspect of the economy negatively, against 14% of Brazilians who indicated the difficulty of finding work as their main concern.

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This month, unemployment as a top concern jumped to 18%, while economic growth dropped to 14%, according to the survey.

The main economic problems in December were:

  • Unemployment: 18%
  • Economic growth: 14%
  • Inflation: 9%
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Concern about inflation ranks third, with 9% of people indicating this issue as the most worrying from an economic point of view.

In July, only 2% were predominantly concerned about rising prices. The index rose as much as 11% in November and fell slightly in the last month.

See other points from the Genial/Quaest survey on the perception of Brazilians in December regarding the country’s main problems.

Economy 2021/2022

For most respondents, the Brazilian economy has deteriorated in the last year: 70% of respondents identified a worsening in the economic situation. Only 17% rated an improvement and 12% said the situation remained stable.

The outlook for the next 12 months is for the most part to improve: 41% of people see a more promising short-term horizon.

Another 31% understand that the country’s economic situation could get worse and 22% that it should stay the same next year.

In the last year, the economy:

  • Worse: 70%
  • Improved: 17%
  • It was stable: 12%

For next year, the economy should:

  • Improve: 41%
  • Worse: 31%
  • Stay stable: 22%

Main problems in the country as a whole

The economy appears as the country’s main problem for survey respondents, with 41% indicating this issue as the most sensitive.

Health and problems related to the pandemic appear in second place, with 19%.

Social issues and corruption come next, with 14% and 10% of people indicating these problems as the most serious, respectively.

  • Economy: 41%
  • Health/pandemic: 19%
  • Social issues: 14%
  • Corruption: 10%

Pandemic concerns

On the issue of the pandemic, 62% of Brazilians said in December they were very concerned, which represents an increase in relation to the 55% registered in the previous month. In July, this number reached 79% and, since then, it had been falling, but suffered a reversal.

This month, 30% said they were not worried and 7% said they were not worried.

  • Very worried: 62%
  • A little worried: 30%
  • Nothing worried: 7%

Social questions

Hunger and misery are the main concerns of Brazilians when it comes to social issues.

In July, 4% of Brazilians indicated that the matter was the most urgent when the topic was social problems, a number that rose to 11% in December.

Inequality appears stable in second place, considered a major concern for 2% of people.

The topic related to the growth of people living on the streets is the biggest problem for 1% of Brazilians. Housing and housing have an index close to zero.

  • Hunger/Misery: 11%
  • Inequality: 2%
  • Poverty/people living on the streets: 1%
  • Housing/housing: 0%

Reference: CNN Brasil

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