UNESCO: Removes Liverpool from the World Heritage List

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In addition to the new list of its world heritage sites UNESCO is now the English city of Liverpool. According to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the UN cultural service found that new buildings, including a football stadium, undermined the attractiveness of its Victorian docks.

Liverpool was designated a World Heritage Site in 2004 and was included in the list, which includes monuments such as the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The city is only the third part removed from this list.

Following a vote in China by members of the World Heritage Committee, UNESCO said on Twitter that Liverpool should be removed from the World Heritage List.


Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson said the decision was “incomprehensible” and she hoped an appeal would be lodged.

“I am very disappointed and worried by this decision to lift Liverpool’s World Heritage status, which comes a decade after UNESCO last visited the city to see for itself,” he said. “We will work with the government to see if we can appeal.”

The British government also expressed its great disappointment.

“We are very disappointed with this decision and we believe that Liverpool continues to deserve the World Heritage status, given the important role that the docks play in history and in the city in general,” said a government spokesman.

The only other monuments removed from the list in the past are a wildlife sanctuary in Oman after poaching and habitat loss, and the Elbe Valley in Dresden, Germany in 2009 when a four-lane bridge was built over the river.

The designation of the monuments as cultural heritage gives them access to United Nations funding for their preservation while being featured in tourist guides around the world.

Liverpool have been threatened with deletion from the list since 2012 after UNESCO warned that new buildings had changed the city’s skyline and were destroying its value as a heritage of its coastal section.

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