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UNHCR denounces politicians who “tool” migration

The head of the UN refugee agency today decried the politicization of immigration during European elections and the US election campaign, accusing some politicians of “tooling” the issue. We all agree that this is a challenge, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Italian Filippo Grandi, told AFP. However, claiming that this is an invasion, that these are malicious people who are coming to steal your jobs, to threaten your values, your security, and therefore they must go, that we must put up barriers, does not solve the problem. As he stated, these measures only make the situation worse, which favors irregular immigration which is more difficult to manage. When asked about the latest European elections and the US election campaign, Grandi said his only major concern is that the issue of immigration and refugees has become so politicized, in part because some […]
Source: News Beast

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