Unicef ​​launches strategy to encourage vaccination of children in the North and Northeast

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This Wednesday (8th) Unicef ​​starts a strategy for the active search of children under 5 years of age who have not been vaccinated in the North and Northeast of Brazil.

The entity will do the work through an online platform, courses and training – all free.

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THE CNN Radio the head of Health at Unicef ​​in Brazil Cristina Albuquerque stated that Brazil faces a “sustained drop in all vaccine coverage” since 2015.

“This puts the country at high risk for measles, for example, and polio, which is knocking on our door after 33 years without a single case,” he added.

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According to Cristina, the active search uses the methodology in more than 2,000 municipalities in the North and Northeast, with an “intersectoral action.”

“Health alone is no longer able to raise coverage, the strategy involves education, early childhood education and social assistance”, he said.

She highlights that there is a need for municipalities, in addition to the free course, to work together with families, to “better monitor coverage.”

The Unicef ​​initiative began in the North and Northeast regions, according to the expert, not only because of the low coverage, but because “the families in the most vulnerable situation live there.”

Cristina Albuquerque said that Brazil is experiencing an emergency situation with regard to vaccination and that this should be seen as a priority.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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