Unified Public Procurement Authority: Competition to fill the positions of president and 10 advisers

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An open call for expressions of interest by the Minister of Justice, Constantinos Tsiaras, to fill the position of the president and 10 councilors of the Unified Authority for Public Procurement (EADISY), with a five-year term, was published in the Government Gazette.

It is recalled that EADISY came from the consolidation of the Single Independent Authority for Public Contracts (EAADISY) with the Authority for the Examination of Judicial Appeals (AEPP).

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For the positions of the president and advisors of EADISY, the following may be selected:

a) retired presidents, vice-presidents or advisers of the Council of State,

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b) retired presidents, vice-presidents or advisers of the Court of Auditors,

c) retired presidents of Appeals or Appeals of Administrative Courts with experience in public procurement law,

d) retired presidents, vice-presidents or legal advisors of the State Legal Council with experience in public procurement law and

e) emeritus professors of the Law Schools of the Higher Educational Institutions of the country, with a subject related to the law of public contracts.

In particular, EADISY has as its object, among others, “the development and promotion of the national strategy, policy and action in the field of public contracts, ensuring the transparency, efficiency, coherence and harmonization of the procedures for awarding and executing public contracts to the national and EU law, the continuous improvement of the legal framework of public contracts and its compliance by public bodies and contracting authorities”, as well as “the resolution of disputes that arise during the stage preceding the conclusion of public works, procurement contracts and services, after the exercise of a preliminary appeal”.

In the invitation, a deadline for submitting applications is set, which is 10 days and starts from the day after the publication (June 30, 2020) of the invitation in the Government Gazette.


Source: Capital

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