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Uniqlo: the shoulder bag for less than 15 euros viral on TikTok

There Uniqlo shoulder bag, following its successful launch in 2023, it was crowned among the most desired of 2024. A phenomenon initially exploded on TikTokas often happens, thanks to a myriad of videos in which i creators, and not, they competed to show how useful and versatile this (apparently) small one can be moon bag in technical fabric (and at a price within everyone's reach).

Uniqlo, Mini Round Shoulder Bag in Black

Small in appearance, but roomy beyond all expectations. A unique feature enough to give rise to real challenges, with viral videos, where we can get everything you might need during the day and even something more: from theumbrella to the lip gloss passing through the battery charger for the mobile phoneup to much more original objects (there are those who, probably taken by enthusiasm, have even managed to slip in a sandwich).

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True it bag for for travel enthusiasts and travel creatorgiven its maxi capacity, its xxs weight and the fact that it is water-repellent, this model has also won the street style so much so that it's difficult to find someone who doesn't have at least one version in their closet.

But what's so special about it special and why does its popularity show no signs of waning? The first credit goes to design minimalist which makes it so versatile that it can be worn both over the shoulder That on the shoulder: the best way to make it is sporty That casualdepending on what you wear.

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Another peculiarity, which contributed to making it loved by fashion addict from half the world but not only that, it also lies in the fact that, despite being made of a practical fabric waterproof And resistantincorporates in every way the lines of Northern European fashion where practicality and comfort go hand in hand with style.

The model in black, obviously, it is the most successful, but over time the other versions have also found space in the wardrobe of many. Green khaki, beige, white they have slowly become depopulated precisely because they easily adapt to any look.

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And in the wake of popularity, Uniqlo has decided not to miss the opportunity by offering new versions of the half moon shoulder bag. Today, in fact, well 12 different colors in the classic and waterproof version, ranging from classic white to the nuances pastel, up to the corduroy models, available in rust, khaki green and more.

Uniqlo, Mini Round Shoulder Bag Purple
Uniqlo, Mini Round Shoulder Bag Yellow

Without patterns, it is the right accessory for those who appreciate that quiet luxury which led to a progressive decline inostentation of the logo in favor of a simpler and more discreet style. But at the same time not at all anonymous, thanks to the possibility of being personalized with themed embroidery or initials, right at the Japanese chain's stores.

Uniqlo, Mini Round Shoulder Bag in Corduroy
Uniqlo, Mini Round Shoulder Bag in Corduroy

It is not surprising, therefore, that the range has expanded significantly to include new models made like those in crochet cotton perfect for summer and which, on TikTok, is already starting to become the new must-see piece for the upcoming season.

Uniqlo, Beige Mini Round Crochet Bag
Uniqlo, Mini Round Crochet Bag Light Beige

And those who don't want to give up an even more spacious bag can always opt for the imitation leather version, also perfect for those looking for a more casual and less sporty model without neglecting the moon bag trend.

Uniqlo, Faux Leather Round Shoulder Bag

Let you wear it everyday or you intend to procure it for a upcoming trip (the socialin fact, they crowned it the perfect bag for traveling precisely because it combines style and practicality) it is the accessory master key to always keep on hand and use because, being light and easy to refoldit can be kept inside another bag, for example, or in suitcase and be shown off when necessary.

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Fans of colorful printsthen, all they will have to do is keep an eye on the collaborations that periodically Uniqlo proposes in partnerships with celebrities designer And artistsbecause they usually include limited editions of the bag more trendy for a few seasons now

Source: Vanity Fair

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