Home Tech News Unique solar-powered electric vehicle to receive exclusive Bridgestone tires

Unique solar-powered electric vehicle to receive exclusive Bridgestone tires

Unique Solar Powered Electric Vehicle To Receive Exclusive Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone and Lightyear have partnered to create the world’s first long-distance solar-powered electric vehicle.

We are talking about the Lightyear One model, first announced in 2019. The car will use Turanza Eco tires specially created for the Lightyear One model. According to Bridgestone, Bridgestone Enliten’s green technology improves the energy efficiency of an electric vehicle to maintain battery life, increase vehicle range and reduce environmental impact.

Bridgestone has developed a bespoke Turanza Eco tire, combining its Enliten lightweight tire technology with Ologic technology for the first time. The application of these technologies allows to reduce the tire weight by using less raw materials throughout the production process, and the special tread with a larger diameter, high internal pressure and a thinner design help to reduce the rolling resistance of the tire.

Due to the low rolling resistance of the tires, the Lightyear One can be used with a lightweight battery. According to the manufacturer, the Turanza Eco tires are designed so that when compared with alternative tires for electric vehicles, they can increase the range by an amount equivalent to a decrease in the total vehicle weight of more than 90 kg.

The Lightyear One will hit test tracks in the second quarter of 2021 and will be available to customers by the end of the fourth quarter of this year. The price for registration of the reserve is 150 thousand euros.

The Lightyear One has a long range of 725 km. Lightyear One batteries are charged directly from the sun using rooftop solar panels.




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