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Unisa expels students who were naked and simulated masturbation in a university game in SP

Santo Amaro University (Unisa) decided, on Monday (18), to expel students who were naked and simulated masturbation in front of female volleyball athletes during a university game in the interior of São Paulo.

Videos that circulated and had repercussions on social media show Unisa students with their shorts down and touching their genitals next to the court where women’s volleyball athletes from Centro Universitário São Camilo were playing.

In note (read in full below), the university repudiated the acts and stated that it had taken the case to public authorities.

“The Universidade Santo Amaro – Unisa informs that, this morning, September 18th, its Rectory became aware of publications on social networks published during the weekend of September 16th and 17th, containing very serious incidents involving students on its course. of Medicine.

According to these videos, some students, all male, performed execrable acts, exposing themselves half-naked and simulating sexual acts, during a sports competition involving medical students from Unisa and another University, held in the city of São Carlos.

As soon as it became aware of such facts, even though they occurred outside Unisa’s facilities and without Unisa’s responsibility for such competitions, the Institution applied its most severe sanction provided for in its regulations, this same Monday (18/09), with the expulsion of the students identified so far.

Considering the seriousness of the facts, Unisa has already taken the case to public authorities, promptly contributing to other investigations and appropriate measures.

Unisa, an institution with more than 55 years of history, vehemently repudiates this type of behavior, completely antagonistic to its history and values.

São Paulo, September 18, 2023.”

The case gained greater traction on social media from Sunday (17), when YouTuber and businessman Felipe Neto shared the case demanding Unisa’s position: “Isn’t the college going to comment? Aren’t you going to do anything?”

The São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP) informed the CNN, in a note, that “as soon as he became aware of the facts, he began steps to investigate what happened.”

“The General Investigations Department (DIG) of São Carlos has already started investigations to fully clarify the facts”, concluded the SSP.

The Rubens Monteiro de Arruda Academic Center, from the Unisa Medicine course, published a note on social media saying “it repudiates the attitudes demonstrated in the videos that are circulating on social media regarding previous competitions”.

“We do not condone attitudes that offend, humiliate and embarrass anyone. It is clear that such achievements are a setback for a university shaped through the struggles and demands of its students, and which is also dedicated to ensuring that its name is respected and recognized”, added the Academic Center.

Unisa Medicine Athletics also commented in a statement: “The footage circulated by the media is not contemporary and does not represent the principles and values ​​preached by AAAJDD”

“We do not tolerate or condone any act of abuse or discrimination. Therefore, athletes, fans, technical staff and everyone involved in our competitions and events are, by us, always encouraged to behave based on ethical and social principles in which respect, inclusion and equality prevail”, added Atlética.

A CNN sought out Unisa to speak institutionally, in addition to the Academic Center and Athletics of Centro Universitário São Camilo

UNE and Ministry of Women repudiated the case

With the repercussion of the case, the National Union of Students (UNE) and the Ministry of Women expressed their rejection.

“The scenes involving Unisa medical students during university games are absurd. These students need to be held accountable for the crimes committed in unacceptable conduct during a women’s volleyball game,” UNE wrote in a statement.

“We cannot tolerate cases like this continuing to happen. Our fight will always be for a university environment free of machismo and harassment!”, she concluded.

The Ministry of Women declared that “breaking centuries of a misogynistic culture is a constant task that requires a careful look at all types of gender-based violence”.

“Attitudes such as those of medical students at Unisa can never be normalized — they must be combated with the rigor of the law”, continued the Ministry.

“In partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Women reinforces its commitment to confront these practices that limit or make it impossible for students to participate as citizens. Let’s continue working to make universities safe spaces, free from violence,” she concluded.

(Published by Lucas Schroeder, with information from Ana Coelho, Anderson Oliveira, Gabriele Koga, Léo Lopes and Naira Zitei)

Source: CNN Brasil

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