United Kingdom: Fears that Facebook regulatory plans are leaked by civil servants

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Her plan Government of the United Kingdom to regulate social media, leaked by civil servants to former colleagues, who work on behalf of Facebook, its executives are afraid Westminster.

There is concern in Government as quite a few high-ranking civil servants have recently resigned from their positions in the state apparatus and been hired by the big technology companies, according to a report by «The Times».

The same source states that in a recent working meeting on issues related to online attacks, an employee of Facebook, mentioned an issue that only a handful of workers within the state were aware of. “The problem is that the employees in the department dealing with digital politics, culture, media and sports think that all they have to do is work there for four years and then get a job at Facebook,” he added. of Government of Boris Johnson, maintaining his anonymity.

In recent years the flow from this section to Facebook is quite large and only in 2021 two executives went. From the beginning of 2019, the Facebook has. recruited ten employees who worked in departments that devised the strategy for better regulation of the “giant” of social media.

A new meeting is scheduled for Thursday (28/10) Commission considering the internet security bill with its representatives Facebook. At the same time the pressure on Government of the United Kingdom from the opposition to impose harsh sentences on top executives of technology companies and social media applications that fail to address serious issues such as racism, hatred and misinformation. The death of the deputy Sir David Ames, further increased the pressure for better control of social media and their content.

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