United Kingdom: It is thinking of putting a “chip” on immigrants

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His government United Kingdom in order to better control them Immigrants who apply for asylum after passing the English Channel, is considering creating an electronic identity, a “chip” commonly, that will be implanted upon their arrival on the English coast, according to a publication of «The Times».

The Ministry of Interior is considering this possibility, as it estimates that this way asylum seekers will stop escaping while their applications are being processed by the competent authorities. At the same time, it will allow the authorities to identify those whose applications are not accepted in order to proceed with their deportation. In addition, this electronic ID would enable the authorities to track down those who engage in illegal activities. Its executives Home Office They believe that “black” work attracts many of the immigrants to the country. It is estimated that about 30,000 migrants passed through English Channel with small ships in 2021. Last year it was 8,420.

His cabinet Prime Minister Boris Johnson, hopes that… chips will discourage immigrants from making a dangerous journey. The plan provides that all immigrants who are old enough to work would receive a digital identity card and at the same time be subject to travel restrictions. The same source states that there is already legislation that allows such a decision.

THE Enver Solomon, its executive director Immigrant Council“Plans to digitally identify and restrict the movements of asylum seekers are a desperate attempt by a government that cannot manage the situation effectively and humanely,” he said. To treat innocent adults who escaped wars and persecution as a state as criminals is brutal. “Certainly not, this measure will not prevent these people from making the dangerous journey.”

His principles United Kingdom expect flows to increase during the holiday season as patrols in the France, due to licenses.

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