United Kingdom: Life sentence for juvenile drug trafficker who beheaded 12-year-old

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A juvenile drug trafficker was sentenced to life in prison United Kingdom. According to the authorities, he dragged a 12-year-old friend to a forest and after him killed, tried to behead him as he considered him a “nail”.

THE Marcel Grests, 15 years old, stabbed him Roberts Bounce, over 70 times before attempting to cut off his head with his hands and fingers Lincolnshire Fistoft last December. THE Grests, who will serve at least 17 years in prison, was expelled from his primary education United Kingdom when his teachers caught him carrying a knife. He was also expelled from secondary education for drug trafficking.

The police officers who investigated the case described it as one of the worst and saddest in their careers, during the trial.

THE Roberts Bounce who was born in Latvia and moved with his father to United Kingdom in 2014, he was murdered two days before his 13th birthday. His body was found with wounds that showed that someone tried to behead him. THE Grests, who wore latex gloves at the time of the crime, later texted a friend saying “this should not have happened like this”. He tried to hide his gun and burn his clothes and gloves and went to school the next day. He admitted to killing him Bounce, but not that it was premeditated. He claimed that they had disputes over drugs worth 50 pounds. He told the court that his victim first tried to stab him and then lost control. The jurors did not believe his arguments.

My father Roberts, Edgars, he said: “How can I explain how I feel. Everything is wrong. No father should bury his child. I have lost all purpose. “I feel empty and nothing can change that.”

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