United States: an American woman wakes up covered in the blood of her neighbor

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is a gruesome horror-movie mishap to an American woman in El Paso, Texas. As Slate reports, Anna Cardenas was woken up in the middle of the night by drops falling on her and which she believed to be due to a water leak. After turning on the light, she realized that her room and face were covered with red spots and a strong smell of blood reigned in the room.

On the ceiling, his fan continued to spout blood. The young woman alerted the firefighters. There, they broke down the door of the apartment above the tenant and came face to face with the rotting corpse of a man who had died naturally for five or six days. His carpet was soaked in blood, which then filled the cavity of Anna Cardenas’ ventilator.

In shock, the American moved into a hotel room and Slate explains that she has lost sleep and appetite. To make sure that she was not contaminated, possibly, by the blood of her neighbor, Anna Cardenas underwent a medical examination and is regularly followed.

$ 17,000 raised

When she moved in, Anna Cardenas had not taken out rental insurance. She is therefore currently in conflict with her landlord from whom she is claiming compensation to be able, among other things, to buy a bed.

The young woman benefited from a wave of support on social networks where the fund she had created to help her refurnish was closed in just a few days. Anna Cardenas received $ 17,000.

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