United States: police pay for Christmas shopping for family accused of theft

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In Massachusetts, a police officer showed great generosity after being called in for a robbery on December 20. That day, two women, along with two young children, were arrested by security at a convenience store in Somerset city after trying to steal food items for their festive meal, CNN reports. They had not scanned some of the items in their shopping cart at the automatic checkout. During his intervention, agent Matt Lima preferred to first discuss with the women involved in order to find out their motivations.

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« Lthe mother of the children was not working and had other family problems […] What she had taken was a Christmas dinner for the children », he told CNN. « I myself have two daughters of a similar age so it hit me a bit Also said Matt Lima. The police officer, who decided not to penalize the two women, also insisted on buying them a $ 250 gift card so that they could do their shopping in another store.

“They were very grateful”

The generous gesture of the policeman naturally surprised the members of the family. “They were very grateful […] I’m sure in the same situation a lot of people would have thought that there would have been a different outcome, that they might have been arrested or taken to court. ”, Explained Matt Lima. ” Obviously, this family was in need. I myself can’t imagine having to go to the convenience store and only pay what I can afford », Concluded the policeman.

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