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United States Senate unanimously approves formal dress code

The United States Senate unanimously approved a resolution formalizing formal wear as the appropriate dress code to be worn on the floor of Congress.

The move came after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stopped overseeing tacitly agreed-upon rules, and Democratic Sen. John Fetterman’s casual dress became a hot topic on Capitol Hill.

The bipartisan bill from Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney would require lawmakers to adhere to an official dress code — not a tacit, unwritten agreement — when on the House floor. Senate.

The rule includes a suit, tie and pants for men.

“While we have never had an official dress code, the events of the past week have made us all feel that formalizing a code is the right way forward,” Schumer said.

“I deeply appreciate Senator Fetterman for working with me to reach an agreement that we all find acceptable, and, of course, I appreciate the leadership of Senator Manchin and Senator Romney on this issue.”

Before the measure passed, Fetterman told Manu Raju of CNN who would wear formal attire when presiding over the Senate plenary.

After the vote, Fetterman’s office released a brief statement that included a viral photograph of actor Kevin James.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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