United States: the first name Donald becomes more and more unpopular

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fewer and fewer newborn babies named Donald in the United States. Since the inauguration of former President Donald Trump, his first name is a little more unpopular every year, according to a ranking published by the American Social Security Administration and relayed by L’Obs.

Since the creation of this list in 1880, the first name Donald has never been so poorly classified. In 2020, only 444 children were named this way, now ranking the first name in 610th place nationally. In 2019, the first name had reached the 555th place.

Sixth in the ranking in 1934

A name that has nevertheless been very popular in the country, before sinking over the years. In 1934 Donald was sixth in the rankings and thirteenth in 1946, the year the former president was born. The first name, however, experienced a surge in popularity in 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated.

The first name Melania disappeared from the top 1000

The same goes for the first name of the former president’s companion, Melania. While this female name was a short success in 2017, it just as quickly relapsed and disappeared from the top 1,000.

But don’t let Donald Trump despair. The phenomenon is common. Indeed, the first names of other former presidents of the United States have seen the same decline in popularity. This was the case for Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford or even George Bush.

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