United States: What advantages will ex-President Donald Trump benefit from?


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Like many other countries, the United States offers many benefits to presidents who have left office. To benefit from these different services and bonuses, however, you must not have been dismissed following an “impeachment”, explains The world. Donald Trump is certainly currently targeted by this procedure, but he has not yet been removed from his post and there is no guarantee that this will be the case. As it stands, the Republican will therefore be able to taste the benefits of the president’s retirement.

To begin with, he will benefit from lifetime protection from the presidential security services. According to The world, this measure costs the taxpayer $ 1 million per year for the president and $ 500,000 for his wife. The newspaper also assures that Donald Trump will receive a pension equivalent to the remuneration of a minister, or nearly $ 220,000 per year. Upon entering the White House in November 2016, the billionaire decided not to receive his salary as president. However, he has not commented on the pension to which he is entitled.

Staff and premises

Donald Trump will also benefit from a budget of around $ 500,000 per year to rent offices and recruit staff. Like all past presidents, he will also be able to visit the Presidential Townhouse in Washington. A five-story high building exclusively reserved for former presidents, recalls The world. Finally, Donald Trump will have plenty of time to set up his presidential library. It is a place in which documents, records and historical objects related to the president’s mandate are stored, the newspaper explains. It remains to be seen what the Republican will decide to put forward.

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