United States: woman wins lottery two days in a row

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he odds of winning the jackpot two days in a row were slim and yet! A resident of the US state of Idaho achieved this feat. The lottery operating body in that state estimates the odds of double winning in a row at one in about 282 million, almost as unlikely as the American who recently won $ 1 billion in the lottery.

At the end of January, Orlene Peterson, she won 300,000 dollars (about 250,000 euros) then, the next day, 200,000 dollars (166,000 euros), CNN reports on February 8.

Orlene Peterson had bought lottery tickets in Hayden, northern Idaho. Seeing that she had 20 dollars left in her pocket, she remembers thinking “come on, I’ll take a Big Fortune ticket.” This last minute decision brought him luck: the ticket is worth $ 200,000!

“I couldn’t believe it”

The next day, she went to another store in another town in Idaho to purchase another lottery ticket called “Comin ‘in Hot.” She then scans her first ticket and finds out that it is a winner. “I thought it was maybe $ 1,000,” she told the American channel.

She was amazed when she learned the amount of her winnings. “I never imagined it would be $ 300,000 and that it would happen again. The next day ! “, Laughed the winner. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Orlene Peterson, who will use this money to pay her late bills, buy a new truck and visit Las Vegas. His stroke of luck should be the dream of many gambling enthusiasts around the world …

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