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Unprecedented prolonged heat wave with record temperatures in Britain

Unprecedented heat wave knows it United Kingdom with the thermometer expected to exceed 30°C for a fifth day. Although high temperatures are not unprecedented, the duration of the heat wave is a new record. “We have already had four consecutive days of temperatures above 30°C, surpassing the previous record of three days in a row,” notes the Met Office.

According to the forecasts, “many areas will remain warm until tomorrow and the heat will be limited to the southeastern regions of the country on Sunday and Monday. Temperatures could top 32°C in southeast England and are likely to be accompanied by heavy thunderstorms over the weekend, before a return to season-normal conditions next week.

To cope with the heatwave which saw temperatures soar to 35.6°C in Yorkshire, the British fled to the southern beaches. At London Zoo, staff try to cool down Asiatic lions with blood and meat ice creams, while some Londoners took out their umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. The authorities announced orange alert for England in health services for fear of the consequences of the heat wave for vulnerable citizens. “As our climate is changing because of human actions, heat waves like this are becoming more frequent and more severe,” the National Weather Service warns.

Source: News Beast

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