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Unrestrained couple had sex on a ferris wheel – They risk 180 days in prison

Love is not hidden in some cases, such as that of a couple from the Ohio, makes lovers bold and unrestrained. David Davis and his girlfriend Heather Johnston were at an amusement park in Ohio and went up on the wheel to take a ride.

THE amorous fever seized them and the developments quickly flared up as a result of which they were accused of doing sex on the game while in the seats, in front and behind them there were minors as soon as darkness fell.

The bold and wild couple were charged with public indecency and arrested on Sunday night after they are alleged to have been… taken lightly others who were on his giant wheel Luna Park and then notified the police.

Cedar PointCedar PointCedar Point

According to the testimonies, the couple he didn’t seem put off by prying eyes that were pinned on them and continued to have sex, but during their confession to the authorities, they denied everything and claimed that the woman had simply bent down to pick up a pack of cigarettes that had fallen to her on the floor.

Ρόδα Λούνα ΠαρκΡόδα Λούνα ΠαρκFerris wheel Luna Park

When the unrestrained couple was informed that among the witnesses of their love affairs is minorsthen they admitted that they did have sex on the wheel and now they are accused of first degree misdemeanors, meaning they could be jailed for 180 days.

The couple is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in Sandusky Municipal Court, according to the local news outlet and as relayed by nypost.com.

Source: News Beast

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