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Unthinkable crime in Brazil: Husband ran over his 53-year-old wife with a car and ripped out her heart

The way is horrifying murder of a 53-year-old Brazilian woman by her 49-year-old husband, who, after running over her with his car, then root out the heart and intestines. The police officers arrested the knife-wielding attacker in the city of Tupa, northwest of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The husband immediately confessed his act and asked to be killed. However, when he was taken to the police station, he refused to explain his crime.

The 53-year-old had reported her husband to the police just four hours earlier. It is believed that the attacker had gone mad, as he broke the front door of their house, driving at her with his car before killing her, according to information from “Daily Mail».

The heinous crime happened in the city of Tupa, 400 miles northwest of Sao Paulo in Brazil. THE police confirmed that Milena had reported her husband around 9.30am on Monday and was murdered around 1.30pm. the same day.

The woman reportedly told detectives that her husband often held her prisoner in their home and forced her to have sex against her will. She reported him the same day she discovered a tracking app on her phone.

The couple were married for 29 years and have one grown son, although they are said to have also raised Marcelo's daughter from another relationship. The abuse suffered by Milena is said to have increased when the children left home a few months ago.

Source: News Beast

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