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Unusual heat for the season hits Australia – The thermometer will climb to 36 degrees Celsius today

An unusual spring wave heatwave affecting many areas of the southeast Australiaincluding Sydney. Forecasters predict that the maximum temperature will reach up to 16 degrees Celsius above the September average.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology warns of ‘very unusual heat for September’ which will prevail until Wednesday in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Yesterday Sunday (17/9), about 40 runners who took part in the Sydney marathon developed symptoms of heatstroke and 26 of them had to be taken to hospital.

The mercury in Sydney’s western suburbs is expected to climb to 36C todaybefore dropping to 22 degrees on Thursday, according to the weather service forecast.

The risk of fire is therefore high and the authorities are calling attention to residents. More than 50 bushfires have broken out in areas of low vegetation in New South Wales, but all have been brought under control.

During this year’s summer season in the southern hemisphere, the Australian Meteorological Service, as reported by the Athens News Agency, has predicted an increased probability of the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon, which can cause extreme weather events (such as cyclones, drought), warning for the risk of causing fires.

Last week, a cloud of smoke covered parts of Sydney, as fire brigade forces proceeded to create fire zones with the method of controlled burning.

Source: News Beast

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