Up for auction the most memorable outfits of music stars

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But do you remember that spectacular leotard that Cher wears in the video of If I Could Turn Back Time? The one designed by Robert Mackie, which is all a play of transparencies highlighted by the black leather jacket and which still today is a source of inspiration for many other stars (one of them Lady Gaga in the video of her Judas). Or do you remember the very sensual Versace long dress worn by Whitney Houston in 1998? And that lovely flowery dress we saw her wearing in Madonna in the movie Avoid? Not to mention the Versace white leather corset used by Destiny’s Child during the performance of Survivor in the 2002 concert in Sanremo.

If you too are part of that category of nostalgics who look at the music scene of the 80s and 90s and early 2000s with melancholy, if you remember all the lyrics of the songs of the Rolling Stones, of Prince, of Nirvana, of Madonna, of Bob Marley or gods Queen, and if you too remember every single outfit worn in the videos and during the concerts on the stages of the stadiums all over the world, then you have done bingo. Yes, because – hear, hear! – from 11 to 13 June the US auction house Julien’s Auctions will place the instruments, clothes, personal items and memorabilia of the musicians are auctioned – of the international pop and rock scene – more in vogue than yesterday and today.

The auction is held every year and is that of Music Icons. It will be open to the public and broadcast worldwide from the Beverly Hills gallery stage. Of course, you will have to be willing to invest a few thousand euros, considering that the leather suit worn by Destiny’s Child in the video of Independent Women Part 1 has an estimated price included between 4 thousand and 6 thousand dollars. Just short of Michelle Williams’ emerald green dress at the 2001 Grammy Awards, which could sell for somewhere around the corner. between a thousand and two thousand dollars.

But surely one of the highlights of the auction is precisely the black Bob Mackie bodysuit worn by Cher: the auction house has not communicated an estimate for this item, but it is not difficult to think that it could reach a sum of four zeros. It already achieved this feat in 2006, when it sold for $ 60,000 again at a Julien’s Auctions auction. It was thirty times his initial estimate. But it doesn’t stop there, items and clothes will also be sold Kurt Cobain, Elvis presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson; and again of Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, The Police, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Elton John and many others. There will be something for all prices and all tastes.

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