Updated labor code: Russia legalized remote recruitment and interviews

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Today, November 22, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, signed a bill that introduces certain changes to the current Labor Code – now a full-fledged electronic circulation of documents is being introduced in the field of labor relations. Thanks to this change, it will be possible to store important documents without the need for duplication on “paper” – it is enough to add the electronic version to the single digital platform “Work in Russia” or the employer’s information base. According to the authors of the bill, the updated Labor Code will make it easier for specialists to find work in other regions, conclude an employment contract without the need for physical presence and pass online interviews.

True, in the event of a transition to a new document flow format, both the employer and employees will need to use special electronic signatures – based on the updated Labor Code, the costs of obtaining them are borne by the employer. At the same time, he has the full right to independently decide on the transition to a new document management system, and employees are given the opportunity to choose the optimal format for working with documents. For example, if an employee refuses to work with electronic versions, the employer is obliged to provide the specialist with documentation in paper format.

The creators of the amendments to the Labor Code stated that in addition to expanding the opportunities for remote employment and faster registration of labor relations, this update will speed up the receipt of public services by employees (we are talking about scenarios in which data from the employer is needed to obtain these services). Taking into account the introduction in 2019 of the law on electronic work books, such digitalization should really simplify the life of many specialists in various fields.

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