Ursula von der Leyen: The instrumentalization of people can not be tolerated

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The President of the Commission sent a strict message against the instrumentalization of people on Wednesday (15/9) Ursula von der Leyen stressing that it could not be tolerated, citing the Belarussian regime as an example of “hybrid attack aimed at destabilizing Europe”.

During her speech on the “State of the Union”, she stated, as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency “People are not a bargaining chip” He added that “the regime in Minsk has made people instrumental. They put people on planes and transported them to the borders of Europe. That can never be tolerated. “

He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Europe. We assure you that we will continue to stand by Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. “

The chair of the Commission stated that these were not ‘isolated incidents’. We have seen similar incidents at other borders. And we will see again in the future. That is why, as part of our work on Schengen, we will define new ways to deal with such attacks and ensure unity in the protection of our external borders. “

“As long as we do not manage to reach a common ground on how to manage it immigration“Our adversaries will continue to exploit it,” he said, adding that “human traffickers continue to exploit people on dangerous routes across the Mediterranean.”

Ursula von der Leyen also noted that “These events show us that every country has an interest in building a European immigration system».

“The new Pact on Immigration and Asylum gives us everything we need to manage the different types of situations we face. It contains all the components. It is a balanced and humane system that will be appropriate and effective for all Member States — in all circumstances. “We know we can find common ground,” he said.

Finally, the President of the European Commission emphasized that “This is the time for a European immigration management policy.”

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