Uruguay: President’s head of security arrested for allegedly giving fake passports to Russians

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The head of personal security for its president Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacage Poe, was arrested yesterday Monday (26/9) at the presidential residence, accused of falsifying documents. The news of his arrest Alejandro Astesianoafter returning to Uruguay from a trip with the president and his sons, surprised Lacage Pou.

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“I’m as surprised as you are”said the president of Uruguay in a press conference he gave in Montevideo. “I’ve been sick”he said emphatically, noting that authorities are continuing their investigations.

Under the microscope of prosecutor Gabriela Fossati are allegations that Astesiano was selling fakes passports Uruguay to Russians.

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Uruguay’s president has denied reports that his personal security chief had a bad criminal record. On Monday afternoon, some reports said that Astesiano had previously been of concern to authorities for fraud, embezzlement and theft.

Source: News Beast

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