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US accuses Iran of inciting anti-war protests in Gaza

A senior US intelligence official yesterday accused Iran, which backs the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, of promoting and inciting protests on US soil against Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, alleging that it has been funding the protesters since its outbreak. war, on October 7, there have been many pro-Palestinian mass demonstrations across the US, especially on college campuses. “In recent weeks, actors connected to the Iranian government have been acting to take advantage of the ongoing protests against the war in Gaza,” Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haynes, who oversees and coordinates US intelligence agencies, said in a statement. of the CIA. “We observed actors connected to the Iranian government impersonating activists online, seeking to encourage protests and even offering financial support to protesters,” he continued. This does not call into question the sincerity or the good faith of the Americans who are protesting, Avril Haynes hastened to add. “Freedom […]
Source: News Beast

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