US aircraft carrier sails to South Korea – Message to North Korea

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An American aircraft carrier strike force sailed today to South Koreafor the first time in nearly four years, to participate with South Korean military in high schools intended to send a message to North Koreaofficials said.

The USS Ronald Reagan and its escort vessels docked at a naval base in the city of Busan (South).

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It is the most significant force deployed so far in Washington’s new effort to deploy more “strategic assets” (the term refers to the ability to use nuclear weapons) to the region to deter North Korea.

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The visit to Busan is the first by a US aircraft carrier to South Korea since 2018. That year Washington and Seoul drastically scaled back the carrier’s activities as negotiations were underway.

Earlier this month, Pyongyang passed a law allowing it to launch pre-emptive strikes with nuclear weapons if it feels threatened.

Source: News Beast

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