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US and UK forces strike civilian targets in Yemen for the first time

The United States and the United Kingdom carried out another round of large-scale military strikes overnight on Sunday (25) against several locations in Yemeni areas controlled by the Houthis, with civilian targets, including a pesticide factory, being hit in the joint attacks by the first time.

U.S. and British forces have struck 18 Houthi military targets in Yemen in airstrikes, according to U.S. Central Command.

The Houthis said coalition forces launched 23 airstrikes in the provinces of Sanaa, Hajjah and Taiz, as well as the capital, Sanaa.

A pesticide factory located in the western part of the capital was severely devastated after being hit three times by airstrikes, with the roofs of some buildings destroyed and walls torn down.

The attacks also affected nearby residential buildings, with windows broken and walls torn down, plunging the entire neighborhood into a state of terror.

“After midnight, I heard three air raids. My children were terrified, as were my neighbors. They attacked a 25-year-old pesticide factory, and the entire factory exploded,” said Hamid Hashem, a resident of the neighborhood.

Abdul Rahman Al-Mujahid, an employee at the bombed pesticide factory, denounced the joint forces for deliberately attacking the civilian factory, with the aim of further exacerbating the war-torn country's economy.

“I believe they [os EUA e o Reino Unido] deliberately aimed here. They want to bankrupt Yemen. They must have learned through intelligence which facilities are civilian and which are military,” Al-Mujahid said.

“Here is an entirely civilian area that has nothing to do with the military. This incident shocked us. We suffered enormous losses. The machines are still in there, which is very expensive. Storage tanks [para produtos químicos perigosos] inside they conform to international standards, which are very, very expensive.”

Since January 12, the US and Britain have launched consecutive airstrikes against Houthi forces, resulting in multiple casualties. Both the US-led coalition and the Houthis claimed that all targets hit were military.

However, in airstrikes during the early hours of Sunday, several civilian targets were hit for the first time, raising fears among the local population that the US and Britain are expanding their targets to include civilian infrastructure.

This potential shift is raising concerns about further economic devastation and a deepening humanitarian crisis in the region.

Source: CNN Brasil

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