US: Biden ‘wants NATO enlargement so bad’ he accidentally included Switzerland

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Neutral Switzerland in NATO? American President Joe Biden’s slip was linguistic and not diplomatic, when he referred to an unlikely scenario, namely Switzerland joining the North Atlantic Alliance.

At the press conference he gave after the conclusion of the NATO summit in Madrid, Biden referred to the steps taken before the historic enlargement of the Alliance, with the inclusion of Finland and Sweden. One of these steps was the visit of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to the White House.

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While they were in the Oval Office, the Finnish president “suggested that we call the leader of Switzerland,” Biden recalled.

The American president immediately realized the mistake he made and mocked himself: “Switzerland… Oh my God… I really long for the enlargement of NATO” and, addressing the laughing reporters, clarified the obvious, that he was talking about “Sweden”.

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The inclusion of the two Nordic countries, which historically were militarily neutral, is a very important development for NATO. The inclusion of Switzerland, however, a country that has become synonymous with neutrality, would be a diplomatic science fiction scenario, even though the country recently adopted European sanctions against Russia and for the next two years will be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. .


Source: Capital

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