US: Bill paves way for sanctions on Turkey if it does not withdraw from Libya

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It was recently voted in by the House of Representatives USA, the new version of the US policy bill in Libya, which, as diplomatic sources in Athens point out, enables enforcement sanctions to anyone who threatens the peace, security and stability of the country.

The rapporteur of the bill was the MP Ted Deutsch, who met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias during his recent trip to Washington, and the Member Joe Wilson.

The new legislation paves the way for more active diplomatic activity in Libya, enabling, among other things, the US government to impose sanctions on anyone who threatens peace, stability and security in the country, RES reports, citing these sources.

This bill, after all, makes special reference to the need complete withdrawal of the ensemble of foreign powers (regular military forces and mercenaries) from Libya.

In addition, active US support is sought in efforts to comply with arms embargo the UN and to combat oil smuggling, as well as in:

  • Political process, under the auspices of the UN, for the creation of an inclusive, civilian government.
  • Preparing for elections on December 24, 2021.
  • Strengthen diplomatic efforts to persuade the countries involved to cut off arms and funding that prolong the conflict.

In this context, the US Secretary of State is invited to submit exhibition, within 90 days of the entry into force of the legislation on the activities of foreign governments in Libya, including Turkey.

Emphasis is placed on use drones and air strikes, in the detailed recording mercenaries and an analysis of the extent to which the actions of the aforementioned foreign powers violate the arms embargo and international humanitarian law.

It is pointed out that the examination of the specific legislation in Senate.

Barrage of contacts of the Greek Foreign Minister

It is reminded, however, that Athens has, for a long time, given emphasis on its contacts with the American side, most recently in the meeting of the Greek Foreign Minister with his American counterpart, on the destabilizing role of Turkey in Libya, mainly regarding the military involvement and the obstruction of the political process, as well as the need for the complete withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country.

These issues were at the center of yesterday’s working morning organized by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, with the participation of the Libyan Foreign Minister Nila El Mangus and several foreign ministers of the EU member states, emphasize diplomatic sources with knowledge of these contacts.

Finally, this agenda is expected to be discussed at the meeting organized by the Libyan Foreign Minister in Tripoli next Thursday, October 21 (Libya Stabilization Initiative), which will be attended by Mr. Dendias.

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