US: British Virgin Islands prime minister arrested for drug trafficking

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The Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands, Andrew Foy, 51, was arrested yesterday, Thursday, in Florida, where he is facing charges of drug trafficking and money laundering, the government of the coastal region of the United Kingdom announced.

“It’s my duty as governor to inform you that this morning Prime Minister Andrew Foy was arrested in Miami for drug-related prosecutions (money laundering) and money laundering,” said John Rankin, governor of the Virgin Islands. published. He described the development as “shocking”.

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The director of the Virgin Islands Port Authority, Oleanvin Maynard, and her son Kadim Maynard were also arrested for the same reasons, said in a statement a copy of which was consulted by the French news agency. , Ann Milgram.

“Anyone involved in drug trafficking in the United States will be held accountable, no matter what their position,” Ms. Milgram said.

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The three defendants were arrested at an airport in northern Miami, where they had met Mexican drug traffickers – in fact they were DEA undercover agents – in order to be given $ 700,000 in cash in exchange for their help in smuggling cocaine. Colombia via Virgin Islands to Miami and New York, according to the indictment cited by US media.

The British Virgin Islands, an archipelago of 35,000 people east of Puerto Rico, are generally known as a tax haven.

The Caribbean archipelago has an autonomous government, but its ruler is named after Queen Elizabeth on the recommendation of her government.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Tras said her case was “horrifying”.

According to the DEA, the investigation into the three arrested persons began in October.


Source: Capital

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