US: Chinese intelligence agent convicted of financial espionage

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A Chinese intelligence agent was convicted of financial espionage on Friday (5/11) in Federal Court in the USA. The charges against him are the attempted theft of technology by American and French aerospace companies, announced the American Ministry of Justice.

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THE Su Yangzun, its official External Intelligence Service in the province Jiangsu, falling under Ministry of State Security, was found guilty by Court in the Cincinnati for the charges of conspiracy and attempted financial espionage, as well as for three counts of theft of trade secrets.

Each of the two categories of financial espionage carries a sentence of up to 15 years, while each of the other three is punishable by 10 years in prison.

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US authorities accuse him Su Yangzun that, since 2013, it has sought to collect on its behalf Of China information from numerous aeronautical companies. Among them the American General Electric Aviation and French Safran, which collaborated with GIVE for the development of an engine.

The plan of the Chinese agent Ministry of State Security relied on locating specialists working for these companies and then attempting to attract them to the China under the guise of university conferences, paying them the cost of the trip.

He was arrested in 2018 in Belgium

THE Σου was arrested in 2018 at Belgium, when he probably traveled there as part of a counterintelligence operation, thinking that he would meet an employee of GIVE. Published the same year on USA.

The American Ministry of Justice then named 10 other defendants, including two lower-ranking officials, who worked under his supervision. Σου, as well as six hackers who worked with them and two men who worked for her Safran. None of the other 10 defendants was arrested.

His accusations Ministry of Justice contained a detailed description of operations that combined the use of computer viruses and phishing to infiltrate target computers and extract data related to engines and their components.

The Ministry also stressed that an aerospace company controlled by Beijing tried to develop an engine similar to hers GIVE, for use on an aircraft designed by China. The Beijing dismissed the allegations. “Aerologies”, answered a representative of Chinese diplomacy in 2018.

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