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US Corona Countermeasures farewell, negotiations continue The administration wants less than $2 trillion

According to the White House, Secretary Steven Mnuchin presented a new $ 1.8 trillion measure in a 30-minute telephone talk this afternoon. However, the new proposal lacked inclusiveness, according to Spokesperson Hammill, Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi.

A spokesman posted on Twitter, “We are waiting for words from the administration as talks over the scale of support continue.”

The White House’s new plan has surpassed the previous $ 1.6 trillion scale and is approaching the $ 2.2 trillion economic policy passed by the US House of Representatives last week.

However, Senate Republicans have restrained that they may not support support measures close to $ 2 trillion.

The White House spokesman Farah said the administration wants to keep spending below $ 2 trillion, but is willing to provide new citizens with checks and support for the aviation industry and small businesses. “We hope that Speaker of the House Pelosi will take the talks seriously and make progress in the near future,” he said.

Prior to this, President Trump said he hoped it would be a larger support package than the Democratic and Republican parties’ proposals.

Also, Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the head of the US Senate, said on the same day that it is unlikely that the White House and Congress will agree on additional economic measures for Corona by the presidential election on November 3.

“Both sides are seeking separate remedies, but the elections are near and there is considerable disagreement over what is needed,” he said in a press conference in his home state of Kentucky. “The outlook is small in the next three weeks,” he said, although he hopes for a cross-party agreement.

He also said it would be difficult to reach a pre-election agreement on additional remedies for airlines.

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