Home World US court agrees to appoint special expert in Trump case

US court agrees to appoint special expert in Trump case

US court agrees to appoint special expert in Trump case

A US judge on Monday agreed to appoint a special expert to review records seized by the FBI during an unprecedented search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida property, in a move that could delay the ongoing investigation. of the Department of Justice.

In her ruling, Judge Aileen Cannon in West Palm Beach, Florida, said the court authorized the appointment to review personal items, documents and materials subject to claims of attorney-client privilege. Cannon was appointed by Trump in 2020, just months before he left office.

Cannon’s order allows US intelligence officials to continue a national security damage review in the investigation.

Trump accused the Justice Department of launching a partisan witch hunt against him, and his lawyers argued that appointing an independent third party to review the materials would be an important check.

Trump is under investigation for removing government records, some of which marked as highly confidential, from the White House after he left office in January 2021 and storing them at his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach.

The Justice Department also said it was investigating possible obstruction after the FBI uncovered evidence that Trump’s team may have deliberately withheld confidential documents when agents tried to retrieve them in June.

On that same occasion, on June 3, Trump representatives falsely certified that they had conducted a diligent search and returned all confidential materials to the government — a claim that was later refuted after the FBI recovered some 33 boxes containing more than 11,000 government records and photos and over one hundred records marked as classified.

Trump’s legal team waited until two weeks after the FBI’s Aug. -client.

A special expert was used, for example, to review materials seized in searches of the homes and offices of two former Trump lawyers — Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen.

Source: CNN Brasil



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