US Defense Secretary Calls Ukraine War a ‘Despicable Act of Putin’

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About to complete a month, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still on the agenda around the world. Several national leaders have met in recent weeks to discuss possible measures to curb Vladimir Putin’s movement.

US President Joe Biden spoke on Friday (18) with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the dispute in Eastern Europe – this was the first time that a dialogue between the two to address the conflict .

In an interview with CNN, Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense, spoke about the meeting. He said he hoped the Chinese would “not approve of this despicable act by Putin.” Austin also hopes that the Russians will respect the territorial sovereignty of the Ukrainians.

As a way out, the secretary reported that the Americans have been offering equipment to the Ukrainians, in addition to talking with pro-Ukraine partners every day. “I am always in contact with other defense ministers involved in the war,” he said.

On the other hand, Austin further declares that “the war is not going well for him (Vladimir Putin) in the field. There are a number of factors that are coming into play that will make it increasingly difficult for [o presidente russo] from now on”.

“He can make the decision today to end the war. He has the opportunity to look for something diplomatic.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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