US demands natural gas with Turkish stamp – ‘Ideas’ from Ankara

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According to a post by, the United States also wants to include the United States in the field of gas exploitation. It is a position, which was also conveyed by the US Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland, during her recent visit to the Athens, Nicosia and Ankara triangle. The question is how this will be done, given Turkey’s refusal to recognize the Republic of Cyprus. It is probably for what there will be moves in the Cyprus issue, but not for a solution, as this will take time, but for MOE, which will include hydrocarbons. An informed source said that an “agreement on the solution” could be reached, which would not be final.

Although there are many difficulties, from the Turkish side there seem to be “ideas”.

As for the idea that natural gas should pass through Cyprus, as Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu recently stated, it seems to mean an old scenario, of Turkish inspiration and -backstage- promotion. According to this scenario, the most economical route is the transport of gas by submarine pipelines, which will continue overland in the territory of Cyprus, will proceed by submarine and will reach Turkey and from there to Europe. A scenario that seems unreal today, but was elaborated by the Turkish side. In fact, Turkey has a precedent in terms of technical issues. That of the plan to transport water from Turkey to the occupied territories by submarine pipeline.

It is clear that such a possibility seems unreal and impossible. Ankara is investing in pressure from the US and the EU. to Nicosia, as everyone is in a hurry to utilize natural gas.


Source: Capital

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