US Department of Energy has developed an algorithm for detecting cryptojacking attacks


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US Department of Energy scientists have turned to the private sector for help in commercializing a “super-powerful” cryptojacking detection algorithm for data centers.

The technology disclosed in a possible contract can identify with maximum accuracy illegal mining software that uses free computing power of hosts to mine cryptocurrencies. The software is fighting the “growing threat” of cryptojacking attacks that threaten data centers around the world, according to DOE scientists.

Department of Energy scientists at Idaho National Laboratory want to stop the spread of hidden mining software by offering their detection technology to private sector partners. The algorithm scans data processing applications for hidden cryptocurrency miners. It uncovers hidden mining software using deep learning technology, which researchers believe is more accurate than binary classification.

“This invention is a rapid test based on machine translation. It allows you to ensure that the binary file submitted for execution on the data center system does not contain cryptocurrency mining malware. It uses the attention engine in deep learning to accurately and reliably detect mining malware that is secretly deployed on high performance computing systems. This approach is based on machine translation, not binary classification. ”

The details of how the algorithm works are only available to potential partners, which the ministry hopes to involve in the development and ultimately commercialization of an early-stage cryptojacking detection algorithm.

In the summer of 2019, the US Department of Energy awarded a grant of $ 1.05 million to organizations working to commercialize a blockchain platform for power distribution management. According to a recent report from Microsoft, hackers are increasingly using cryptojacking attacks as a distraction for more serious security incursions.

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