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US doctor fined for revealing she performed abortion on 10-year-old rape victim

An American doctor was fined for revealing to the press that helped a 10-year-old girl terminate her pregnancy after being rapedIndiana authorities announced.

The Medical Board of this State in the northern USA, determined that Dr. Caitlin Bernard breached medical confidentiality bringing this child’s case to the media without obtaining the consent of the girl or her guardians.

Caitlin Bernard had spoken to the press in the summer of 2022, saying that she had welcomed the baby girl to Indianapolisthe capital of Indiana, after a communication she had with a colleague from the neighboring state Ohio. There, a law that prohibits them abortions after six weeks of pregnancy had automatically come into effect after the US Supreme Court struck down constitutional protections for the right to abortion last June.

Nevertheless the little girl, who had been raped in May, she had exceeded this time limit of pregnancy. So she went to Indiana, where abortions were legal up to the 21st week of pregnancy.

But officials in this State, where the Republicans they have a majority, they are hostile to the right to abortion. A law almost completely banning the voluntary termination of pregnancy was passed last August, but remains in place blocked from justice for now.

“The case is about medical privacy”

“She the case is about medical confidentiality and the loss of trust between a doctor and his patient,” said Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, who launched an investigation into the doctor, accusing her of failing to report the girl’s case to authorities as required by local law. case law pedophilia.

The case received a lot of coverage in the media, and gave rise to heated debates around abortions that divide the country.

After more than ten hours of hearing, the Indiana Medical Board decided to impose a fine $3,000 to Dr. Caitlin Bernard; but allowed her to continue practicing medicine, finding that the doctor had complied with legal procedures related to violence against minors.

“It’s important that people know what patients will suffer because of the law that has come into force“, the doctor emphasized in front of her colleagues.

Source: News Beast

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