Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Over-turn US Election Results

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The supreme court has rejected the Trump backed bid to over turn US election results. The bid was placed by Texas’ attorney general and sought to block the votes of millions of voters who had voted for Joe Biden in battle ground states.

The bid was backed by Donald Trump, along with more than 100 republican members of congress. Trump had confidently suggested that the supreme court will settle the results of the US election.

The Court’s Decision

The supreme court rejected the bid without a hearing. The decision stated that Texas had no legal right to interfere in the way elections were conducted in other states.

Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas had asked the court to dismiss 20 million plus votes in the battle ground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.

Ever since Joe Biden has emerged victorious, Trump has time and again claimed that the US election results are fraudulent. According to him, illegal votes were cast in favor of Biden.

Trump’s Reaction

Reacting to the decision, Mr. Trump took to the social networking site Twitter to express his disappointment. He stated that the decision lacked courage and had let him down.

This isn’t the first law suit by a Trump supporter to be rejected. In the past weeks, many claims of the elections being tampered with and efforts to over turn the results have been denied by courts across the country.

Earlier this month attorney general William Bar had also come forward claiming that his justice department had been unable to find any proof of a voter fraud that could have effected the results of the election.

William’s statement had caused Rudy Giuliani to state that the attorney general was unaware of the actual investigation going on.

The electoral college will now meet on Monday to affirm Biden’s victory.


Source BBC

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