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US Election: Voters Without a College Degree, Joe Biden's Weakest Point

Joe Biden is bleeding into the non-college-educated voter pool, a category that includes black voters, Hispanic women, young people and suburban women, setting the stage for an even more lopsided 2020. election showdown with Donald Trump. Support among voters without a college degree for Biden has fallen 10 percentage points compared to the same period in the 2020 election campaign, according to Reuters/Ipsos polls conducted before Donald Trump's financial conviction the porn star. Americans without a college degree made up three-fifths of voters in 2020. According to a separate Reuters/Ipsos survey, one in ten registered Republican voters are less likely to vote for Trump after the conviction. The same survey showed Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump by two percentage points. Biden's lead at the same point in the campaign […]
Source: News Beast

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