US Embassy in Iraq Attacked by Rockets

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The US embassy in Iraq was attacked by rockets. The attack took place on Sunday night, when 8 rockets were fired at the Diplomatic Green Zone in Baghdad. Most of the rockets hit the residential area situated near the US embassy, according to the Iraqi military.

The attack caused no casualties or injuries. The military stated that an out law group is behind the attack. Officials from US blame the frequent attacks on their embassies on militias backed by Iran. However, no groups have claimed responsibility of the attack.

Earlier in October, militias had announced they were halting rocket attacks on US offices, given that the government of Iraq presented a time plan of the withdrawal of US military.

Sentiments against USA have been developing in the country’s citizens and groups, following the 2003 invasion of Iraq which resulted in destruction of Iraq and its economy. The US led invasion was carried out to ‘destroy weapons of mass destruction‘ , which were never found and to end Saddam Hussain’s rule in the country.



Source CNN

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