US: First meeting of US delegation with Taliban in Doha

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An American delegation will hold talks with its representatives Taliban from today Saturday for the first time since their departure USA from Afghanistan, announced yesterday the State Department.

The US team will meet with senior officials Taliban today and tomorrow Sunday at Doha of Qatar, said a spokesman State Department.

The USA have maintained contacts with its new rulers Afghanistan after its occupation Kabul from the Islamist movement in August, but this will be the first live meeting.

“We will press the Taliban to respect the rights of all Afghans“including women and girls, and to form an inclusive government with broad support,” he said. FOREIGN MINISTER.

“As Afghanistan faces a severe economic downturn and a humanitarian crisis, we will also press Taliban “to give humanitarian organizations free access to areas in a vortex,” he said.

The meeting at Doha does not in any way mean that the Washington recognizes their status Taliban in the Afghanistan, he insisted State Department.

“We continue to make it clear that any legitimacy must be gained through their actions Taliban“, Added the representative.

The members of the US delegation will also insist on his priority Joe Biden to leave Afghan Americans and Afghans civilians who helped their army USA during the 20-year war.

THE Washington notes that the Taliban have worked together so far to facilitate the departure Americans nationals. About 100 are still in Afghanistan, most of whom are Americans with close ties to Afghanistan and who have not yet decided to leave the country, according to Americans officials.

His representative State Department did not specify the composition of the two delegations sent to Doha.

Seniors Americans officials, including the general Frank Mackenzie, had met with officials of Taliban in Kabul in August.

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