US floods, Harry book frenzy, Ukraine and the burial of former King Constantine

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Like every week, the one we’ve been through has had pleasant and unpleasant news that occupied the global public opinion. The fact that a picture is worth a thousand words is proven. Not many words are needed for the following photos. They are concentrated in them what happened in the world last week.

“Apocalypse” scenes from the US floods

THE former King Constantinewho passed away at the age of 82, following his death on Tuesday night (10/1) from multi-organ failure, will be buried “privately”, according to article 4 par. 7 of the Constitution. “Titles of nobility or distinction are neither awarded nor recognized to Greek citizens,” it states. Burial will take place at the former royal estate, Tatoi, where the cemetery of the former royal family is located. At the point they have started to special crews are working feverishly to remove them trunks and branches of burnt trees that are left of the fire in August 2021. However, space does not allow much to be done. Because of the advent large number of officialssecurity measures are an important issue.

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Source: News Beast

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