US House Approves Trillion Infrastructure Package

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Last Friday night, the US House of Representatives approved a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure project that forms the center of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda. However, the US$1.7 trillion package aimed at social protection and environmental actions has not yet been voted on.

House Democratic leaders had hoped for a vote on the economic package later Thursday night, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the Rules Committee would meet to discuss an amendment to the social spending bill.

It was unclear, however, whether Democrats had the votes to move forward with that timetable. Majority leader Steny Hoyer announced late on Thursday that the House would meet again this Friday morning.

Joe Biden increased the pressure on his Capitol allies on Friday, asking the House to pass “right now” both his infrastructure bill and his social security and climate bill.

“The passage of these bills will clearly say to the American people: ‘We hear your voices.’ Let’s invest in your hopes, help you secure a brighter future for you and your family, and ensure America wins the future in the process.”

“I’m asking every member of the Chamber, member of the Chamber of Deputies, to vote yes on both bills right now. Send the infrastructure bill to my desk, send the Build Back Better bill to the Senate,” he told the White House at a press conference that reviewed the October jobs report.


Early Thursday night, Biden called several House members and urged them to pass the $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” bill, a White House official said. Democrats want to pass this bill and the $1 trillion infrastructure measure, which has already passed the Senate, by Thanksgiving at the end of the month.

If passed by the House, the social policy legislation would go to the Senate, also strictly controlled by the Democrats, where majority leader Chuck Schumer also wants to pass it before the Nov. 25 holiday.

The bill would raise $640 billion from tax increases for high-income individuals and $814 billion from tax reforms involving corporations and global taxes between 2022 and 2031, said the Joint Committee on Taxation.

*With information from Reuters

Reference: CNN Brasil

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