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US House Democratic Leader Reaffirms Support for Joe Biden on CNN

US House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries insists he is still supporting Joe Biden despite divisions within his caucus over the viability of the president’s candidacy in November’s election.

“Yes, I made it clear the day after the debate, publicly, that I support President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket. My position has not changed,” Jeffries told CNN.

Although the congressman immediately endorsed Biden after the president’s poor performance in the CNN, he commented in a call with House Democrats on Sunday (7) his position on whether Biden should continue running for reelection, the CNN.

Jeffries dismissed concerns that Biden could hurt Democrats in down-ballot races or even prevent them from retaking the House majority in November.

“We are going to win the House of Representatives,” he stressed to CNN.

Many House Democrats told the CNN that Jeffries carries with him the goodwill of his colleagues and, although he has allowed lawmakers to openly discuss Biden’s future, his position could go a long way in deciding whether the Democratic caucus will support the president.

Source: CNN Brasil

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