US: Huge 530-meter syringe discovered for drug trafficking on Mexican border

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On the border of USA and his Mexico a huge one was discovered tunnel 530 meters long, through which trade was conducted drugsbetween the two countries, as it connects the San Diego with the city Tijuana.

According to the French Agency, the American authorities stressed that the tunnel is dug to a depth of more than 18 meterswhile it included “enhanced sealinga rail system, electricity and one ventilation system», In a width of more than 1.2 meters.

In fact, the Southern California District Attorney’s Office noted that six people living in the US are accused of “conspiracy to trafficking in 799 kilos of cocaine». In addition to cocaine, authorities also seized approximately 74 kg of methamphetamine and 1.5 kg of heroin.

The tunnel discovered by the US authorities on the US-Mexico border

The tunnel was discovered on Friday by US Department of Homeland Security agents following a surveillance operation in front of a house that had previously been used for drug storage. Following in the footsteps of the suspects, police arrived at a warehouse 90 meters from the border with Mexico. After inspecting the building, they located the entrance to this tunnel, which was dug into the concrete floor.

It is noted that Underground crossings at US-Mexico border often dug by traffickers to smuggle migrants attracted by the “American dream” or drugs in the USthe major cocaine consuming country in the world. According to US authorities, more than 90 tunnels have been discovered in Southern California alone since 1993. Of those 90, 27 are considered “advanced”, with the last being discovered in March 2020.


Source: News Beast

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