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US influencer goes viral after reading Machado de Assis: “Best book ever written”

The video of an American influencer enchanted by the book “Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas”, by Machado de Assis went viral on social media this weekend.

“I need to have a little chat with people in Brazil,” said Courtney Henning Novak, who read the Brazilian literature classic as part of a TikTok challenge in which she must read a book from each country in alphabetical order.

“I have three big problems with this book. First, my edition is only 300 pages long. I only have 100 pages left, and if I'm very careful they'll last until the weekend. And then what? What should I do with the rest of my life?”, said the influencer.

The second problem, according to her, is that the letter B (for Brazil) is only the second letter of the alphabet: “What should I do? Because you didn't warn me that this is the best book ever written. I still have to read from Brunei to Zimbabwe.”

“And number three: now I have to learn Portuguese”, she said. “I can't even imagine how good this is in Portuguese. So now, in the midst of my project of reading around the world, I have another task which is to learn Portuguese.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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