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US influencer who went viral with Machado de Assis gives his opinion on “Dom Casmurro”

After being enchanted and going viral on social media for reading “The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas” an American influencer dedicated herself to a second work of Machado de Assis and revealed that she is “obsessed” with “Dom Casmurro” .

“Maybe it’s my favorite book”, he mentions in a video posted on TikTok and also praises the author of the production, introducing him to his followers: “The whole world should be singing his praises and he should be up there with Shakespeare “, he speaks.

Next, she asks the controversial question that surrounds the book: did Capitu betray Bentinho or not? Courtney Henning Novak, who says she is amazed by the debate surrounding this question, shares her opinion on the subject.

“Capitu did not betray. I’m on the Capitu team. I think the narrator is unreliable, he is destroyed by his own jealousy. That’s my opinion. You can try to change what I think. I’m going to do some deep dives and maybe I’ll change my opinion. But based on my first reading, I’m on the Capitu team”, he finally explains.

On her TikTok account, the influencer is carrying out a personal challenge to read a book from each country in the world. However, she has already “broken the rule”, as she already read “Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas” last month and after falling in love with writing, she decided to read a second book by the author.

In the comments on its publication, several Brazilians indicated other classic works of Brazilian literature such as “Capitães de Areia”, “O Cortiço”, “A Hora da Estrela” and much more.


I cheated on myself #readaroundtheworld quest and finished #DomCasmurro and my obsession with the genius that is #Machado de Assis continue. What an amazing book! Is it too soon to reread it? Definitely making my book club read this when it’s my turn to pick. #booktok #booktokbrasil #bookrecommendations #favoritebooks #pageturner #booktokfyp

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Source: CNN Brasil

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