US: Joe Biden maintains high tariffs in China

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The President of USA, Joe Biden, argued that his government has no intention of lifting the hundreds of billions of dollars in customs duties imposed on its products Of China, as well as Beijing does not comply with the commitments made under the bilateral trade agreement.

In a press conference he gave to the one year in power, when asked about the fact that representatives of American companies are asking for the abolition or suspension of customs duties imposed on the days of his predecessor Donald Trump, the current US President stated that the representative of USA for Trade (USTR), Kathryn Tai, is working on the issue.

He underscored the uncertainty over when his government might start lifting tariffs. “The answer is uncertain. “It’s uncertain,” he insisted. “I would like to be able to tell you that (the Chinese) are keeping their commitments, that they have already gone beyond their commitments, and that we are able to lift part of (the tariffs). “But we are not there yet,” he added.

On October 4, as reported by APE BPE, the Kathryn Tai announced that the Washington conducts “honest conversations” with Beijing, without the aim of “rekindling trade tensions”.

However, he added that customs duties imposed by the previous US government on Chinese imports worth $ 370 billion annually remain in force while negotiations are underway. At the same time, it announced an exemption process, to help not Chinese companies, but US small and medium-sized enterprises that are hard hit by the over-tariff.

A few days later, he added that he had talked to the Vice President of the Chinese Government, Liou He, on Chinese commercial practices which the Washington characterizes bad faith, with the aim of establishing a bilateral trade relationship that the parties will manage in a “responsible manner”.

Since then, the US government has remained very vague about the progress that has been made, if any, in its talks with the Beijing.

“This is not the time to abandon talks with Iran”

In the meantime, the Joe Biden appeared moderately optimistic about the possibility of the international agreement on its nuclear program Iran in the bitter negotiations under way in Vienna between the great powers and the Tehran.

“It’s not yet time to abandon the talks,” which have made “progress”, even if “it is not certain” that they will bring results, he said.

Assured that the Washington has an “identical” view with the other Contracting Parties to the Agreement, formally the Joint Integrated Action Plan (JDP), which was signed in 2015 with Iran (Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany). The former President of USA, Donald Trump, withdrew his country from the agreement three years later.

The agreement, signed when the Joe Biden was its vice president Barack Obama, offered to Tehran the gradual lifting of suffocating international financial sanctions, in exchange for a drastic reduction in its nuclear energy activities and ambitions, UN.

But after her unilateral departure Washington, the re-imposition and extension of US sanctions, h Tehran began to gradually default on its commitments.

In November, talks resumed on Vienna in order to Washington to rejoin the ΚΟΣΔ and the Tehran to return to its full observance. Although the beginning was difficult, a wind of optimism has been blowing in its capital for a few weeks now. Austria.

THE Russia expressed its “optimism” on the issue, while the head of European diplomacy Giuseppe Borrell considered it “possible” to make great progress “in the coming weeks”.

THE Tehran praised, for its part, the apparent willingness of all parties to reach a “credible and stable” agreement.

The Iranian President was yesterday (19/1) in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The latter welcomed the “close cooperation” of the two countries on the international stage.

Candidate again in 2024

In addition, the Joe Biden assured that he would re-elect the current vice-president USA, Kamala Harris, in order to be on his side on the ballot when he will claim the renewal of his term, in the 2024 presidential elections.

“She will be my roommate,” he said Mr. Biden. The first woman and first representative of a tribal minority to hold office in their history USA sees its popularity plummet after it took over.

“It’s doing a good job,” for example on the issue of minority access to elections, he said. Joe Biden, despite the fact that the bill on this key issue has been blocked in Congress, while several analysts point out that the chances of the head of state being re-elected would increase if he chose another person to frame him on the “ticket”, the ballot of the Democrats, in the next presidential election.

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